Shine like never before,
throughout the year.

✨ Tanning Glamour ✨

A summery shade, even in winter.

With the SolaVita from Tanning Glamour, you will shine all year round! Even in winter. With natural ingredients and Vitamin E. Apply it easily and see the difference within a few hours.

  • Easy to apply yourself
  • With Vitamin E for healthy and protected skin
  • A tan for up to 7 days


The SolaVita has been tested in an animal-friendly manner and is vegan. Good for the environment, good for people and animals

Vitamin E

Due to the addition of vitamin E, the lotion also has a protective effect and anti-aging benefits!

Fast & visible results

Visible results after about 2-3 hours! The brown color remains visible for 5 to 7 days.