10 tips for applying self-tanner

10 tips voor het aanbrengen van een zelfbruiner

Would you like a beautiful, summer complexion without spending hours in the sun? Then a self-tanner is the ideal solution! With a self-tanner you can quickly and easily get a beautiful, even tan, without harmful UV rays. But to avoid disappointments and stains, it is important to know how to apply self-tanner correctly.

In this blog we would like to share 10 useful tips for applying self-tanner. Whether you are a beginner or already experienced with self-tanners, these tips are sure to give you a beautiful, natural complexion!

1. Choose a product that suits you

There are different types of self-tanners available, such as lotions , mousses and sprays. It can therefore be difficult to choose, but in general, applying a lotion is easier than a spray. Depending on your skin type, you can opt for a darker or lighter variant.

2. Scrub or exfoliate your skin

Good preparation is half the job! Before you start applying a self-tanner, it is therefore important to properly prepare your skin by removing dead skin cells. This can be done by scrubbing or exfoliating. It is best to prepare your face the night before you apply the self-tanner with a good exfoliant, or a peeling based on (fruit) acids. You can exfoliate your body with a scrub glove or body scrub. By removing the dead skin cells, the self-tanner will adhere better and you will have less chance of spots and streaks.

3. Apply to clean skin

It is best to take a shower before you start applying the self-tanner. Make sure makeup and oils are properly removed. This prevents the self-tanner from becoming spotty and ensures an even result.

4. Hydrate your skin

A self-tanner adheres better to well-hydrated skin than to dry skin. Therefore, first apply a non-greasy moisturizing body lotion or face cream. Let this sink in thoroughly and then start applying the self-tanner.

5. Use a self-tanner glove

To prevent your hands from turning brown, it is useful to wear gloves when applying the self-tanner. You can use disposable gloves or buy a special self-tanner glove . A self-tanner glove not only ensures that your hands stay clean, but it also distributes the self-tanner evenly over your body. A self-tanner glove is easy to wash in the washing machine at a maximum of 30°C.

6. Apply in small amounts

Apply a small amount of self-tanner (one to two pumps) to the self-tanner glove or to your hands. Always start with your legs and work upwards. Spread the self-tanner over your skin in circular movements.

7. Apply less to dry areas

Avoid applying too much product to knees, elbows, ankles and feet. These areas are often drier than other parts of your body and if you apply too much self-tanner there, you will end up with a dark, unnatural tan.

8. Allow the self-tanner to be absorbed thoroughly

Always allow self-tanner to be absorbed and dried thoroughly before putting on your clothes or going to bed. Usually 10-15 minutes is sufficient. Then avoid tight clothing and do not exercise or shower that day. Sweating will cause stains and showering too quickly will wash away the tan.

9. Wash your hands

Did you not use a self-tanner glove? Then it is important to wash your hands thoroughly after application. Do this with soap and water and really take your time. And if you do get stains on your hands, you can remove them with some baby oil or nail polish remover (without acetone!).

10. Reapply after a few days

Reapply the self-tanner every few days to maintain and renew the color. Hydrate your skin with a nourishing cream or body lotion to enjoy your tan for longer. And only scrub your skin before reapplying the self-tanner.

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